Mr. Maghur is one of the
pioneers of short stories in Libya. He has been writing since the
1950s and   continues until this day.

He has a total of 8 books
published with two new books released in July 2000.

Mr. Maghur was born in Dahra,
Tripoli Libya in 1935. He spent his childhood between Dahra and
Cairo where he attended school.

Obtained his law degree in
Cairo, Egypt, in 1957, after which he returned to his native
homeland, Libya, to take up practice.

Two years later, he was
appointed assistant legal advisor for the state of Tripolitania.

In 1969 he was appointed a
judge at the Court of Appeals, then a Supreme Court judge in 1970.

He was also the legal advisor
in the negotiations over the closure of foreign military bases from
Libya, and those between the Libyan government and the oil companies
over more equitable relationships.

In the 1970s, his career took a
diplomatic turn, and he served as ambassador to the UN in New York,
Canada, France and (the first Libyan ambassador to) China.

In 1982, he represented Libya
before the International Court of Justice at the Hague in the
Continental Shelf case between Libya and neighboring Tunisia (over
of the maritime delimitation). And again in 1991 as head of the
defense team in the Libya/Chad Territorial dispute.

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